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Professional English language Tutors offers a variety of study options on all levels, from beginner to advanced, from Online or private tutoring to group lessons. Prices vary based on the course’s length and size. 

English lessons
Beginners Program 10 LESSONS = 10 hours

Our lessons will start slow and take our time to improve your English by speaking and listening to simple questions. Each class we will talk about a different topic (and you will be emailed the topic before the class). You will learn basic and useful grammar to be able to communicate in English.

Example topics we will talk about:


  • Weather

  • Shopping

  • Work

  • Holidays

  • Countries

  • Music and TV

  • Food

  • Culture


Example grammar you will learn:


  • Simple tense sentences

  • Action verbs

  • Adjectives

  • Singular and plural nouns

  • continuous / progressive tense

  • will/ would / can /could

  • Prepositions – on, at, in

  • And more!!



Pre-intermediate 10 lessons = 10 Hours 

It's time to start using your English!


At the pre-intermediate level you know some grammar and some vocabulary. Now it's time to use what you know and practice speaking and listening with a native speaker and expand your vocabulary on everyday topics.


Our lessons will help you talk and express yourself as well as ask questions and listen to the answers. You will learn lots of new words and we will practice perfecting your grammar and use of adjectives, prepositions, nouns, etc. 


Our teachers will also help you strengthen areas of English most useful to you e.g. for work, travel, or communication. We guarantee that you will begin to feel more confident with your English use and start to be able to communicate better in English!



Intermediate  10 lessons = 10 hours

Now you can deepen your knowledge of English!!

At Intermediate level you have a good grasp of English but still, miss some details in complex conversations. You can speak, write, and communicate in some situations. Now it's time to deepen your understanding and extract the key information from conversations and text. It's also time to start listening to English spoken with accents.

Our teachers will work on your listening skills, extracting important information from magazines, TV shows, music and lectures, and discussing ideas in more detail.

We will also help you make rational arguments and express your point of view to other English speakers and improve the fluency of your speaking.


At the Intermediate level we will send you a free English tips and tricks email every week to further your understanding!

Upper-intermediate to Advance students
Advance 10 lessons = 10 Hours 

It's time to perfect your skills and go native!


At Upper-Intermediate or Advanced level you can use and communicate confidently and effectively in English. You are B2/C1 and are probably thinking about visiting, working, or studying in an English speaking country. 


At the Upper-Intermediate level conversation and discussions with native speakers are key as they can assist you in long conversations, push the boundaries of your vocabulary knowledge, and help you engage in free-flowing discussions. 


Our teachers will focus on the use of complex grammar structures and when to use them, phrasal verbs and idioms as well as explain slang and colloquial phrases. We will focus on pronunciation and improving the speed and quality of your speech.


Even at an advanced level, we can create online lessons to further your English knowledge about subjects that matter to you or to assist you in applying for jobs or schools abroad. Your English journey is always continuing!


Business English
10 Lessons = 10 hours 

Looking to improve your English for Business and work?


Language knowledge and communication skills are the basic tools for developing competence in foreign business language. Vocabulary, together with a command of grammar and pronunciation, are the main components of language knowledge. 

This course aims to develop the vocabulary required by professionals and pre-service students. Key concepts and terms used in various professions which are significant current interest in the business world. 

Specialized courses also available namely;

English for socializing

English for negotiating

English for accounting

English for advertising

English For marketing and advertising

English for aviation

English for the energy industry

English for sales and purchasing

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